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How to enjoy Hamahiga resort stay.

How to enjoy Hamahiga resort stay.

Drive, Superb sea view, Old-fashioned Houses, Authentic dinner, Starry sky.

What is Hamahiga Island like?

Hamahiga Island is located on the east coast of Okinawa, is an island that you can go by car from the main island across the Kaichu road and the Hamahiga bridge. They say Hamahigajima is an island inhabited by gods, and the entire island is also referred to a vast spiritual place. Old Okinawan village and houses can be seen. And you feel a relaxing air flowing through the island.


Driving over the Hamahiga bridge.

On the way to the hotel, you can enjoy a lot of sightseeing spots including World Heritage Katsuren Castle Ruins, Uruma Gelato and etc.The best part of this is driving over the Hamahiga bridge. You will feel like you are driving over sea.

See access to the hotel.

Superb sea view spread out below.

A view from a ocean-view room is just wonderful. The sea view, which is changing every second from dawn till dusk, cleanses your mind. Please enjoy a relaxing moment in a high-quality space.


To relax by strolling old houses.

How about taking a walk or jogging to feel the atmosphere of the island? You may find the charm of Hamahiga Island, such as old Okinawan houses and beaches surrounded by nature, that can not be felt in other tourist destinations.

Hamahiga Island walk map

Authentic dinner of locally produced and consumed.

You can enjoy French style cuisine at the main restaurant, Hapina. A lively conversation over dinner is guaranteed. And that moment becomes a precious memory of your unforgettable trip.

Restaurant Hapina

The star-filled sky viewed from the island.

How about starlit sky observation in nice weather?
The starry sky viewed from Hamahiga Island is wonderful, that can not be experienced in other places. Stars shining over dark sea makes you forget about a passage of time. Please enjoy a great night finding constellations or having a memorable conversation with your love.

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